We often underestimate how important scents are in our lives. They draw us towards spaces, push us away from danger (hello, dog poo in the street), and always linger in our memories. Yosh Han, the perfumer behind Eau de Yosh, has studied olfactory perceptions, and knows that you can create whatever mood you want with the right scent in a room.

“There are a myriad of ways to use essences in the home depending on the usage of the room and the ambiance one wants to create,” says Han. “If you can ‘see’ scent as color, that helps when decorating a room. Top notes are often stimulating and invigorating. Middle notes are much more balancing and harmonizing and thus great for communal spaces. Base notes are grounding and can also be sensual.”

We asked Han to give us the scoop on what scents are perfect to set the tone for every room in the house. From fresh fig to soft florals, these scents will create a whole new dimension in how you experience your home.