When it comes to colours, men and women have different tastes and preferences when it comes to style, colour and taste. It becomes even more complicated when you get married or marry someone with 0 taste. There are times I’ve had to deal with situations like this. It’s even more complicated when both couples share a room. While the husband would prefer that the colour theme for the room be blue, the wife will insist it should be pink or lilac😐😣😞. That’s when I know I’m in real trouble!

Solution😄! I have to meet the couple, get to know them, understand what they both want and work with them. I suggest that we blend both colours and contrast where it is necessary. And guess what! It actually works! At the end of the day, the whole job does turn out really nice. For instance, the wall colour maybe powder blue. The bedding may be a mixture of soft pink and powder blue. The chaise lounge could be chamois in colour and any other furniture in the room will be dark brown. In some cases, there are couples who insist on what they want. In situations like this, one has to back down for the other or we can’t move forward.

When choosing colours for children, parents think they know what’s best for them. But this is so not true😕. I’m sorry to disappoint you parents. Many times I have decorated rooms based on the instruction of a parent. The next time I visit such client, I discover that the child doesn’t like to sleep in his room. He would prefer to spent nights in his parents room or his sister’s room – but not his! I sometimes advice parents to allow their children decide what colours they want for their own rooms. This includes the bedding and bed design. Only then can you keep them in their rooms. But if they, parents, decide for them, then they must be prepared to live with the consequences of their choice(s). There are other things to consider as well when it comes to colours and coordination. Sadly, I have to stop here as I have a client whose portfolio I am currently working on and a deadline to meet😑! But I still have to make out time for you my readers – and soon to be clients. Who knows. So long and keep doing that which you love😀.